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World of Seeds

A little history:

World of seeds

World of Seeds() has become the kit of the people with ailments or diseases, that choose to use medical marijuana under therapeutic prescription.

World of seeds

Founded in 1992 this company is defined as an institution created by a group of lovers of nature and science, with a common goal and passion to study the marijuana plant and its benefits to people.

A project created by geneticists, cultivars of marijuana, doctors, therapists and pharmacists working together to offer the world the best of marijuana, studing from this plant all its benefits and properties.

Certainly a unique event that offers a range of products has become a reference catalog of marks between medical marijuana.

Its strong point:

From different parts of the world, the World of Seeds team works tirelessly to create a versatile catalog for both medicinal and recreational use.

All team members contribute to scientific advances related not only to cannabis as a drug, but also in innovations in farming methods, nutrition, genetic or care.

World of seeds

For this reason they can offer varieties of cannabis with effects on the body 100% tested and ensure a catalog of sensations in the consumption.

Its products are focused on providing marijuana strains with high power antiemetic and analgesic for use in palliative medicine.

They seek to offer a solution to those who have lost hope in allopathic medicine, or an alternative to conventional drugs, always with prescriptions and therapeutic monitoring.
In addition they also want to promote the use of marijuana as a powerful antioxidant and antispasmodic agent.

But his pro health campaign goes further, and their guidelines are always looking for the formula to awareness to all the people of the potential risks the uses and abuses of marijuana in a recreational ground.

Their motto is:

World of Seeds’s main objective is to contribute to society for a way of rational use of cannabis as medicine, emphasizing its applications and its possible future applications.

“The fundamental idea is to be a mark of as many people as possible, both for those looking for a desperate solution to a health problem as those looking for a recreational use”

Cups and Awards:

This brand has been recognized in various competitions on medical marijuana. Among his most outstanding varieties by consumers and the jury we can mention the Pakistanis and Afghanas strains and varieties as Colombian God, Brazil Amazonia or Ketama.

Specialized in:

World of Seeds has five ranges; regular, pure, auto-flowering, legendary and medicinal.
His catalog of hybrids creations contains pure genetic from 5 continents.

!(right)http://greenparrotseeds.com/system/site_photos/images/352/original/World-Of-Seeds-Northern-Lights-x-Big-Bud.png?1441093711(World seeds)!It is also one of the few banks offering many varieties and hybrids created from African genetics, such as Kilimanjaro() or South African Kwazulu() varieties.

They love pakiestanies, his highlighted varieties are Pakistan or Pakistan Ryder Valley and Afghanas as would the Afghan or Afghan Kush(), Afghan Ryder Kush, being the most valued among its fans.

Green Parrot Seeds have a wide range of varieties World Of Seeds(), try them and be convinced of its value and benefits for your body.