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OG Kush, “Made in America

Og Kush strain; powerful, famous and very strong

Og Kush

If you smoke marijuana we are convinced that you know it, you know its distinctive features and you are used to its powerful effects.

If you are not very expert, the most probable is that you have already tasted it because OG Kush is used to create cannabis hybrids and is the mother plant of many popular strains that are in the market.

If you have not tasted it yet, you should do it like it was a pending subject.

Uncentrain origin

Although there exist many theories, the true genetics of this marijuana variety is totaly unknown.

The most advanced theories ensure that OG Kush is a mixture of ChemDawg with Thai Lemon and with a variety of authentic Pakistani Kush.

In its composition it possesses Lemon Thai genetics and phenotypes of varieties like Tahoe OG, SFV OG and Alpha OG.

The first hearts of OG started to circulate among L.A counties arround 1995. Its flavour and effects started to be such popular that those people who tasted it ensured that it was an authentic Kush coming from the Pakistan mountains.

Og Kush

Since that moment, seeds and OG Kush cuttings were together until getting a stable variety and incomparable genetics.

A curious name

As with the origin of this variety, the name also gives rise to doubts.

Some popular versions ensure that Og Kush is one name that was invented by some guys of a musical group named Cypress Hill, which meant “Original Gangster”. This name refered to the fact that this strain got fame really fast, climbing places in producers and sellers ranking until it became a “boss” or a consagrated strain.

However, most of those who debate with OG Kush agree that OG means “Ocean Grown” because it has been cultivated since the 90´s in West Coast of E.E.U.U, and has been useful like a base of many hybrid varieties that exist in the market.

Why is it so popular?

The reason of its variety popularity is its flavour and taste mixture.

It can be an unforgettable experience if you open a glass jar containing one Og Kush heart.

This experience is known by Hollywood stars, famous singers, rappers and medicinal marijuana consumers. Even, there exist athletes witness that affirm to have consumed it as a powerful muscle relaxant during some rehabilitation moments.

The truth is that OG Kush is most appreciated by its flavour, long lasting taste and powerful effects in the organism.

Due to boom this marijuana strain was presented into an amendment project in 2009 which pretended to punish Kush traffic (varieties containing more tan 15% of THC) by the Illinois Republican Senator, Mark Kirk. But he did not obtain votes in favor nor support.

How does OG Kush smell?

If we describe its flavours, you won´t problably want to taste it, but we ensure you that its flavour and taste will engage you.

It has an earthy pine aroma with hints of wood, a fragance that has become the sign of identity of the original OG Kush varieties and all its descendants.

The most distinctive feature of OG Kush is its authentic strong and fresh flavour with citric hints. Its flavour is very similar to petrol or strong detergents.

How does Og Kush taste?

The taste of OG Kush is strong and fresh as its flavour, with long lasting aftertaste.

A mixture of combustible, skunk and spices. Similar to most of Afghan varieties.

A mixture between sweet and fresh with herbal background reminding eucalyptus.

About its cultivation

There exist a big variety of Og Kush, regular, feminized and auto-blooming. Most of the most important brands of current cannabis context have their own vision or they use phenothypes in their hybrids, then is more than a stable marijuana variety.

Regular OG Kush needs between 8 and 9 weeks to bloom. It produces between 500g for each M2 in the harvest.

This variety is known by its light stretch during its growth and its enlargement during its blooming until it becomes a compact plant that reaches between 90 and 160 cm.
Its leaves are Green olive small and a a little bit wide.

The cultivators value it because it branches easily and it adapts perfectly inside, outside or hydrology.

As it is a very branched plant, pruning will facilitate to maximize its production. Then, it becomes the perfect mother variety to get cuttings.

og kush

Its hearts

Its hearts are big and dense. They form lime green groups covered with a huge quantity of resin.

It has a dense structure, creating rounded triangle outbreaks with slightly crowns at the top.

We can appreciate the trichomes in orange-yellow color, which makes it really appealing.

Og Kush, a palette of effects

There is also a debate due to its effects. Even though its origin is 75% Indica, it offers Sativa sensations.

Even though its origin is uncertain, its effects provide a big dose of euphoria and happiness. Moreover, its consumption fights stress, anxiety and it also offers a lastig relief in nausea, headaches and general pains.

The effect is very intense, some describe it like an energetic Buzz and others like a narcotic blow; but the truth is that it is strong and debilitating. A ticket that transports you to a paralel, easy and funny world.

An ace in the sleeve that appears in the favourite list of most of those experienced smokers.

It activates and relaxes your brain and your body.
Again, this variety offers controversy of effects as powerful as its taste.

OG Kush to the laboratory

According to analysis made in California laboratories, OG kush contains until 24% of THC and 0,23% of CBD.

This composition places itself to the strain podium for its THC levels, and for this reason it is not strange that it would be cheered like the strongest variety of the market.

OG Kush, Therapeutic Marihuana

Those who use OG Kush as medicinal cannabis affirm that they have improved their symptoms of migraine, symptoms produced by deficit attention and those transtorns produced by stress.

There are also witnesses that place it like a muscular pain balsam.

The truth is that it produces an unique experience.

Each puff delves us in our interior offering a soft pressure in our heads, faces, eyes and a light buzz in extremities and little by bittle gives stress and pain away helping us to fall asleep.

How much does this wonder cost?

Og Kush

This marijuana variety, is not suitable for all pockets, we can say that is known as one of the most expensive variety of the market.

In some clinics in U.S.A some people have paid 30 USD per gram.

Some people say that Hollywood famous are guilty of its high prices, but the truth is that its popularity converts it in a precious element between those marijuana lovers.
In Green Parrot Seeds we know that this variety is a star among the most popular varieties of nowadays, for this reason we offer you different brands and versions in order that you can cultivate it and valorate if all that is being said and all its popularity is true. Check it by yourself.