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Humboldt Seeds Organization

A little history:


The beginnings of this organization go back to the hippie era of the 60s.

This company was created to unify and support marijuana smokers hippies, that had refuge in the mountains fleeing of the big cities and police, and searched a safe place to grow their marijuana.

This mass migration to the mountains began to create communities of smokers and growers that was seeking and producing high quality marijuana.

The first hippies that was met were located in the mountains of Humbolt, because of that, the strains of this community, keep a good answer outdoors and holds up well temporary inclement because the genetic mother was exposed to different atmospheric pressures.


Since this time, Humboldt, it has become the landmark US cannabis.

In this context it arises Humboldt Seeds Organization() in order to show the world the best and purest genetics of the hippie California.

Its strong point:

Seeds Humboldt Organization supports the cultivation of high-quality marijuana outdoors.
Thanks to its historical, festivals and meetings that have happened in the region since the 60s, this organization has high quality strains.

In addition, a group of expert growers who share the same values of purity, nature and the environmental sustainability-are responsible for ensuring its success.

Smoking something born of Humboldt Seeds Organization() a seed plan, is smoking pure nature.

Their motto is:

“Growing marijuana 100% organic, high quality, in a greener way”

They include organic nutrients, with respect and integration with the environment, recycle all waste, and help and cooperate with all members of the community so that each individual in the group have a bit of success.


They Only shop at local businesses and use organic and sustainable products.

They maintain a hippie philosophy, “Peace, Love and … Cannabis”

Cups and Awards:

They go to most events with exhibition stands and their news. Thanks to the distributor Mota, now the Humbolt seeds run in Chile, United States, Holland, Spain … and have recognition among most marijuana growers worldwide.
His most acclaimed varieties are Blue Dream events, Bubba Kush and the legendary Green Crack.

Specialized in:

Humboldt today is the epicenter of the marijuana industry in northern California; its members cooperate to find improvements every day in the cultivation of medical marijuana.
Based cultivation in the transmission of values of an alternative community cooperation, equality, respect for the environment and respect for human diversity, for 100% organic crops.


They offer all varieties feminized, autoflowering and regular. And let you filter your products by percentages between Indica and Sativa.

Humboldt provides super genetic seeds from California to the whole world. The most internationally acclaimed varieties are Blue Dream(), Green Crack(), Dedoverde Haze(), Og Kush()
Auto among others.

Get them today at Green Parrot Seeds, and be seduced by the pure nature.

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