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Crockett´s Family Farm (DNA)

A little history

This brand is the result of the friendship between Crockett and Don and Aaron DNA Genetics. In his passion for marijuana three friends, they formed an alliance to form a seed bank associated with DNA Genetics factory.

Crockett meanwhile, provided a wealth of knowledge about seeds and cultivation of cannabis pearl: the powerful Tangie variety, that has been cultivated over the past 10 years.

Meanwhile the guys at DNA, faithful to the search for new and better varieties of marijuana, They provided the media, the promotion and of course fame.

A marriage that had to run, the line Crockett’s Family Farm gains more followers.

Its strong point:

Crockett Family Farm is a new range of 100% elite regular seeds, with a great reputation for quality.

All varieties come from the Crockett garden for this reason the quality control is excellent.


This breeder California is in love with the fruit essences and therefore most of its creations are an explosion of terpenes.

He is always looking for a rarity, something that is already a mantra for DNA Genetics. The varieties of this range are the perfect balance of Sativa and Indica ideal mixtures of flavors, mixing ancient and pure genetics, with new crop genetics, and with the hybrids.

Their motto is:

“Creating regular high quality seeds to be different, with a brutal mix of flavors”

To achieve this, they must search in their seed bank and find the combined phenotypes.
Your product is different, special and smell like really food. Besides, they get is an explosion of sensations in part due to the effects of odors on the body that prepare the consumer for open the door to a large psychoactive experience.

Cups and Awards:

This seed bank has gained popularity thanks to exemplary Tangie. It was the winner of Cannabis Cup 2014 Amsterdam staying as first and second winner in the same category for Best Sativa.

Something has never occurred before in the history of cannabis cups.

Crockett’s Family Farm is distinguished as a winning stamp, he has been awarded in all competitions to those presented, both in Amsterdam and the United States, something the international cannabis community values at 100%.

Specialized in:

This seed bank specializes in creating regular strains of cannabis with an explosion of flavors, orange, tangerine, guava, pineapple, banana.

His plan is to leave such good taste in your mouth that you will try to taste any other variety.

They offer strains of a uniform size and structure that allow growers to cultivate experts and novice growers success.

They have a catalog of regular hybrid seed composed of top quality, created through its library of phenotypes.

Among his specialties we include those with phenotypes Haze old school and Mexican Sativa, standards such as LA Confidential, Dawg(), Dawg Guava or Sour Diesel.

Green Parrot Seeds line bet for Crockett’s Family Farm. Check out your offer and encourage to grow marijuana of the purest quality.