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Gril Scout Cookies (GSC)

The marijuana variety consumed by the rappers from the west coast

Unmistakable aroma, perfect taste and a mix of memorable feelings, in short: Gril Scout Cookies, the famous variety of marijuana.

Gril Scout Cookies

If you have already tasted it, you may want to know a little bit more about this marijuana strain which is famous around the world and every day has more followers.

If you haven’t tasted it yet … we advise you that it is a strain for those expert palates. If you are novice and you want to begin, taste it with moderation because the cookies are very strong.

Smoke two puffs …wait some seconds and taste the cookies

Gril Scout Cookies

This variety that is becoming very famous in the world comes from the Bay of California.

It has come to the fame together with the hottest rappers from the Berner moment of San Francisco and Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa. This variety is famous thanks to them.

Everything started when Berner started to commercialize this strain. Hence to be the queen of Rap.


The secret of its success is without any doubt its aroma and its unmistakable taste. It is a perfect combination between sativa and indica that provides the best effects from both worlds.

Its buds

People love visually Grill Scout Cookies (GSC) buds. They are fleshy buds covered by curly orange hair with a delicious odour: flowers, pine, sweet, mint and chocolate.


Some people say that it smells like caramel, others say that it smells like sandalwood incense, but the truth is that its odour is not indifferent. Its odour is spectacular, even though you smoke it in a joint, cigarette or in a vaporizer.

GSC origin

There are lots of theories about this hybrid origin, and all are confusing due to there are a lot of copies around the world.

The official version of this strain explains that it is the result from mixing OG Kush with F1 Durban Poison, two really popular strains.

This variety was launched to the market of the Bay of California Marijuana smokers in 2010. At the same time when Cherry Pie was launched.

The strain showed a big success thanks to its adaptability of its consumers. Proof of it was the lyrics made by the rappers explaining its properties and its prices.

But soon some cannabis marketers jumped on the bandwagon of success selling other strains with the same name, and creating a great confusion among his faithful followers.

Moreover, this variety was associated with the mixture of varieties like
Grand Daddy Purp and Cherry Pie, which prompted the rise of home-hybrids with incorrect ratio, and it generated false copies that were far away from the fantastic GSH combination.

Likewise, it was also related with phenotypes as wrongly Platinum Thin Mint and varieties which are far from being the authentic GSC.

The recipe for Gril Scout Cookies

To make cookies are selected powerful Durban Poison phenotypes, a local strain variety from the Bay of California which grew up with little interference from his African upward. Today it is one of the few 100 % sativa that exists on the market.

And are combined with a large proportion of Indica-dominant OG Kush coming from the southern Florida.

It gives its best hybrid qualities and the level of effects on the body combines physical relaxation with a high head-rush.


The result: ying and yang. The cerebral Durban effect, with sleepy Kush effect… what can be wrong?

Its aroma and flavour, a mixture of “Michelin Star”

Durban Poison provides clean pine odour like cough syrup for children and OG is earthier.
This interaction is an amplification of candy features that each has subtly – with a structure that relies heavily on OG.

The smoke is smooth and rich, with notes of chocolate, cakes and lemon.

It is easy to inhale and it sticks to your lips. With the first puff you will understand the reason of its popularity.

Its powerful effects

Although its flavour and odour have been very successful; its main attraction is its rush. An intense mental stimulation experience, dizziness and euphoria
Its properties are very valued in order to calm anxiety, to enjoy with colleagues; it can produce cerebral rush and become a philosopher, or you can finish being a bag of easy laugh.

Its effects last around three hours.

The sativa base is the responsible to produce the intellectual or mental effects, between them we underline euphoria sensations, dizziness and creativity. Its indica part produces physical levity. It is very relaxing and it also introduces you in a calm trance.

A mix of stimulation and creativity, along with physical relaxation that relieves tension and stress and induces appetite and calm state of paranoia and insomnia.

Physically we could say it’s a muscle soothing.

The secret of its success

It is a high quality strain and has become ideal for those consumers who are looking for everything.

gscA remedy for the most annoying diseases, an elixir for having a good night with good company, or a balm to relax on the couch watching a movie alone and accompanied by good vibes.

Its secret lies in the combination of flavours and terpenes in its composition.

No less than a surprising 20% of THC at least, although some strains have reached 23% and 0.5% CBD. This THC percentage is terribly high for any strain of marijuana, and is partly responsible for the naughty GSC reputation.

An experience that leaves no one indifferent

These percentages generated great controversy in the medicinal cannabis market. Some licensed dispensaries withdrew it for a while because it was too strong and its medicinal values were not really verified. But due to its demand, they introduced it in a short time again.

The cultivation and harvest of Girl Scout cookies

This marijuana variety can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors, although its best results are given in the hydroponics.

It requires a medium ability as a cultivator: the germination phase and the growth cycle until its blooming are those steps which require the most attention.

Germination is the most important step during the cultivation of this marijuana strain.

We recommend you to germinate the GSC seeds in a serviette or in a paper towel, and then transplant it when the first shoots grow.

Once the growth cycle begins these plants usually grow strong and resistant.

In young plants we recommend having 18/6 cycles of light / darkness and gradually change to 12/12 for blooming.

You should water and clean them assiduousness. Likewise, you should pay special attention to the nutrients.
Note that a too humid environment will spoil your Baking cookies.

It is a strain really resistant against plagues, temperature changes, but you should provide them a good place to grow.

gscIt don’t need a great care but some experience in farming.

The first flowers of the GSC will appear between 9 and 10 weeks. We recommend you to separate male and female unless you want an imminent pollination.

If you have got good cookies, clone them

GSC is resistant during the cloning. It is a sure process as long as you take care when you cut the shoots during the vegetative phase. It is also important to be careful during the rooting and transplantation.

Obviously, as in all marijuana varieties case, you should know that an excessive cloning causes genetic weakness, so don’t abuse this technique if you don’t want to lose its properties.

The oven temperature

We recommend you that the zone of cultivation remains between 68 and 78 Fahrenheit degrees (between 20 and 25 centigrade), with colder temperatures during the night (darkness cycle)

It can also be very useful to use a dehumidifier to keep the room dry – the humidity excess will reduce the precious resin.

Pay special attention to ventilation, irrigation and water drainage.

Ready to serve

If everything went as expected you will get a high quality harvest after about 9-10 weeks, about 2 ounces per Gril Scout Cookies plant, will delight your crops for you and your guests.

Enjoy the naughtiest cookies.