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Serious Seeds

A little history

Serious Seeds

The hand that is behind seeds Serious Seeds is Simon, an expert grower who studied biology at the University of Amsterdam. In his student times Simon did not smoke neither marijuana nor snuff. But in following a trip to Africa in 1986 after a study on marijuana, fell in love with this plant.

From that moment, he started collecting genetics around the world to get a good collection of seeds, and he starts to go to a cannabis cups along with two American refugees.
And in 1994 he undertook the adventure of founding his own cannabis seed bank, Sensi Seeds, which gained worldwide recognition with AK47 and Chronic. This same year they start to win the High Times Cannabis Cup competition.

Serious Seeds

Its strong point:

His greatest achievement is the production of high-quality strains of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. They focus their efforts in the laboratory for cultivate marijuana plants most stronger of the market and higher levels of THC.

His independent laboratory, is always working hard to get varieties ranging between 18 and 22% of THC.

Their motto is:

“Its seeds are 100% reliable and should arrive in perfect condition”

Their seeds are individually numbered and they track from packaging to the customer.

If the client holds any quality problem in the package, you can claim Serious Seeds and they undertake to change them free.

Serious Seeds

Also, they test each batch of seeds before marketing, to ensure that germinate and grow in perfect condition.

Cups and Awards:

Since its inception, the seed bank has been awarded with several cups and awards internationally.

His most valuable varieties that have changed the world of recreational and medicinal cannabis, are the legendary AK47, Biddy Early,White Russian, Warlock, Motavation, Kali Mist, Double Dutch and sweet and memorable Bubble Gum, among others.

Any variety that leaves the hands of Simon and his team ends up being cup or prize, so we are sure that soon we will have to increase this list of winners.

Specialized in:

This bank has a good catalog of varieties of strains for everyone. You can find pure sativa and indica, if you want a purist culture.

They have the most reliable hybrid market with a high rate of germination and of course with all the guarantees of packaging and preservation of seeds.

All their marijuana strains containing a high percentage of THC, the highest current market, so if you want to consume for recreational or medicinal use will ensure a brutal effects on the body.
They have launched a new line of limited edition “Seriously Limited” which aims to collect only varieties for collectors, at this time the variety Serious Hapiness is available.

Their varieties most sold are AK47, Bubble Gum and Chronic. Green Parrot Seeds you’ll find them in our stock at the best price. All about Serious Seeds.