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Sensi Seeds

A little history

Sensi Seeds

Ben DonkersThe founder of Sensi Seeds, Ben Dronkers, grew their own marijuana plants since 1975 to get the best varieties with the best quality. A dedication that gradually became the profession of gathering and collecting seed varieties from around the world.

On his trips to Afghanistan, and countries with indigenous varieties, he wanted to know all about marijuana, and he was collected as many seeds to own a large collection that has served to create your own seed bank.

Thanks to their efforts, in the early eighties, when in Europe was entered the first hybrid varieties from the United States, was placed among the pioneers Dutch growers. The large collection of seeds that had, allowed him to take the lead in innovation and start marketing hybrid varieties as American but “made in Holland”.

Ben was the first European farmers in getting stable varieties of Haze and Skunk.

Its strong point:

His effort to collect cannabis seeds around the world and the development of the first hybrid varieties, are the keys to success of this bank.

Sensi Seeds

They have developed excellent standards for the process of crossing varieties, and have achieved a high quality genetic material with highly desirable characteristics for any marijuana plant, like the aroma, production, and above all, stability.

Their motto is:

bq.“Achieving stable hybrids depends on the ability to grow and to choose the best genetics for the marijuana plant”

Ben and his team are committed to protect the genetic of marijuana and sharing the benefits of cannabis, reporting production worldwide.

To achieve these hybrids produce varieties with the maximum number of offspring as possible in each new generation. They can examine what qualities are desired more transmitted, and can set these features in new strains.

The greenhouse Sensi Seeds is the key to your success and works since 1985 to achieve this goal.

Cups and Awards:

Sensi Seeds has been awarded many times for cups and cannabis competitions thanks to the experience they have in the use of the Skunk and Kush phenotypes.

Sensi Seeds

The strains that are most valued are Skunk # 1 feminized, Sensi Skunk feminized Master Kush feminized, Super Skunk feminized and their regular varieties. And of course, the original Shiva Santi and Jamaican Pearl among others.

Specialized in:

Sensi Seeds works with three ranges of products and prices; economic range, average prices and range High or Premium. All varieties looking for the perfect balance between relaxation and optimal effects on the body.
bq. Its catalog offers all kinds of feelings; relaxation, peace, euphoria, excitement and even psychedelia.

In the future Ben and his team want to explore the use of the marijuana plant as fuel and in different commercial and industrial applications.

Green Parrot Seeds selling varieties possess this seed bank. Betting on them. Sensi Seeds.