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Barcelona, the new cannabis capital

Amsterdam transfers the relief to the condal capital.

Sun, beach, shopping, design, Gaudi, tapas, party and now cannabis tours around the condal city.

Barcelona cannabis

Barcelona opens the doors to cannabis and makes an effort in order to position itself between the first capitals of the world to popularise the marijuana consumption.

From Amsterdam to Barcelona

Since middle of the 80s Holland has been distinguished being the unique place of the world where people could taste, smell, buy and consume marihuana freely.

Marihuana Ámsterdam

Amsterdam has been the cannabis capital during decades, as a proof of it, marijuana consumers from all over the world have realized pilgrimages to Low Countries in order to look for powerful marijuana varieties with strong effects in the organism.

Therefore, Holland, thanks to a good marketing dose, the permissiveness of the government, and the smoker’s touristic tours, has been the nerve centre of the development of bank seeds, coffeshops and business following these aims.

But the truth is that while Holland was dedicated to popularize the consumption of marijuana, cannabis cultivators and consumers around the world have been responsible to fight for their interests in all countries.

Proof of this would be the legalization of marijuana for medicinal use in Uruguay, Jamaica, Canada and several US states.

Cannabis in Spain

Since the late 90s cannabis culture has entered to Spain, making this country an oasis for expert and novice marijuana cultivators.

España Cannabis

The farmer tradition of the country and the good vibes between cultivators has promoted that this cannabis culture develop the thousands charms.

The climate has been one of the most important factors to the proliferation of marijuana culture.

The truth is that in some parts of Spain there exist microclimates that allow template summers and winters, sun, and controlled humidity. Conditions that convert the plants into a delight.

For this reason, the East and South coast hold the main headquarters seed banks of new creations that work in an international way, and have won fame thanks to the quality of their varieties and the extend strains catalogue.

Sweet Seeds, Dinafem, Mandala Seeds, Bulk Seeds among others… are the poof of the great quality cannabis that is produced in the Iberian Peninsula.

The power of the people

In Spain they don’t only make the patent of the investigation and the development of the genetics, but also work hard during the process of its legalization.

Cannabis consumer’s precursors have studied Spanish laws and current legal empties in order to find a breach of legality within a very international restrictive panorama.

The legal framework

The Spain’s constitution gives a considerable protection to the privacy of people while they are at home and in private spaces. For this reason, if in a private level a Spanish person cultivates or consumes marijuana, this person is covered by the law.

The problem is when is determined that the cultivation is used for distribution, then is penalized with fines and serious penalties.

In this legal frame the consumption and the possession of drugs as personal use don’t constitute an infraction according to Spanish law.

However, the public consumption can be fined with administrative fines up to 600€.

The figure of the cannabis clubs

As a general rule people can’t smoke in public spaces, however, there exist the possibility to belong to a Social Cannabis Club, after the protection as a medicinal use.

These associations are private and allow the registration of members paying a free.
The requirements to be a membership are:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Indicate a residential address in Spain
  • Indicate the recreational or medicinal use of marijuana.
  • Provide information of the amount of cannabis consumed monthly.

Obviously, in addition to these requirements, people must obey the strict rules of the club and study the state of the Association.

Most of these associations are private and non-profit. Their benefits are allocated for the maintenance of the facilities, to research ways of cultivation, and above all, the development of protocols and reports that support the benefits of marijuana use.

Cannabis club

Paying about 20-30 euros a year you can be a membership in these associations.

The Cannabis Clubs involve to regulate the members’ consumption and also not to traffic with production excess in their facilities.

This is something difficult by the authorities because in more than in one occasion they have detected suspicious behaviours within the associations.

Barcelona is the city with most cannabis clubs registered.

Nowadays there exist around 400 social clubs named “Cannabis Associations”, with previous admission and registration people can enter and consume marijuana in private facilities between 16 and 22.

Cannabis Barcelona Club

From association to business

Obviously, the safest method to get marijuana and consume it in Barcelona is being a membership in a Cannabis Association.

For this reason, there are many internet platforms and intermediaries who offer the possibility to register for a cannabis Club in order to consume marijuana in a legal way in the city.

The registration as a foreigner is difficult, because in most of the Clubs they request a Spanish residence.

However, some Clubs that want to extend the business start to take part in the cannabis touristic tours and allow the registration of non-residence people with membership’s invitations that are part of the club.

The marijuana that people can find in these Clubs has a high quality. Someone compare the strain’s purity that can be consumed in establishments of Amsterdam or California, with great difference.

The price of a gram in Barcelona is about the half of any Coffeshop in Amsterdam or California.

One gram (1 g – 1.4 g) is valued by a third of what it costs in the US, less than 10 €.
Barcelona; Growers, seeds shops, markets, events and cannabis museums.

The city is immersed in the green marijuana culture thanks to the proliferation of clubs, associations and shops selling cannabis seeds.

The professional section chooses this city because there is public market sensitized with the fight for marijuana legalization. Thus, there are many locals where they sell seeds and all kind of materials for marijuana consumption.

Many bank seeds with investigation and development departments in E.E.U.U. and Holland bet for Barcelona, establishing their legal and centred headquarters of distribution in the city.

It is not strange that walking through the most touristic zones we find one streets containing more than one local with this purpose, which is well valuated between tourists cultivators and consumers who visit the city.

Thanks to that Barcelona has won its fame in an international way with great exits, events, markets and even Hemp museum.

The most relevant event that has attached the attention of the international cannabis public has been Spannabis market.


In the last edition of March 2015 Spannabis market, with more than 17.000m2 of enclosure, it was consolidated like the most important market of the world for professionals, consumers, seed banks, paraphernalia companies and investors. It obtained 37.000 visits, which converted the condal city into a marijuana cradle during some days.

Also the first World Cannabis Conferences took place to discuss about the most controversial issues about the use of this substance; the use of marijuana as a medical use, its legalization, and the role of the Cannabis Associations.

Nowadays Barcelona competes in the first league with Amsterdam and California because it wants to present to the marijuana promotion head of the world.

A secure stop port for cannabis lovers who want to keep abreast of developments in the sector. Visit the greenest Barcelona.