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Female Seeds

A little history:

Female Seeds

This marijuana seed bank operates from the 90s with headquarters in Amsterdam.

Ferry, its founder, began producing regular marijuana seeds as a hobby and for extra money during their studies. His goal was to save to mount an ecological and self-sufficient farm.

A dream come true, because this extra work, gradually became the main dedication of its founder who now has a firm mass production of marijuana seeds worldwide.

Female Seeds Company was launched in 2003 conviertiendo a big hit that broke all stocks, because of the quality of their seeds and affordability of its products.

Its strong point:

Thanks to the experience of Ferry in cultivating regular varieties and their studies as an engineer, the research team Female Seeds has focused on the development of female varieties since its inception.

The Seeds from Female Seeds were a boom that revolutionized the market feminized cannabis.

Female Seeds

After years of research and development, now, the bank wants to dedicate his efforts to find ways of sustainable and independent culture such as aquaponics and LED.

Also, in recent years they have invested time and effort in developing autos varieties that meet all quality requirements.

Its strong point:

Female Seeds seeds are of the highest quality. They have been subjected to checks and tests to ensure reliability with germination rates of up to 95%.

The most valued by consumers of this bank is the care and attention with which Female Seeds packaged products.

They believe that packaging is the foundation of good conservation and consumer successful results. For this reason they can ensure that more than 85% of their seeds can germinate
after 5 years from its packaging.

Their motto is:

“We offer high quality seeds, tested, 100% feminized and with a germination rate of 95% at an unbeatable price”

What more could you want?

Cups and Awards:

This bank offers seeds Indoor, Outdoor, Automatic and includes Peyote, which some growers valued positively.

Female Seeds Peyote

Among his most outstanding varieties are awarded a prize and Blueberry Cheesecake, Lemon Kush, the famous Grapefruit, Pure AK and the queen of the sweet varieties: BubbleGummer.

Specialized in:

Female Seeds now is focusing on sustainable investment projects, particularly want to invest the recovery of landscapes to stop erosion and desertification.

His great permaculture project aims to create edible landscapes in a sustainable manner.
They are so confident that their seeds are pure quality, that if not germinate, they are responsible for destroying the seed lot, so if you have a problem with one of its seeds, tell them!

elic and relaxant effects, and although their flavors are for everyone as the sweet, the effects are for experts smokers.

Try a BubbleGummer and you’ll know what we mean!

In Green Parrot Seeds, we have chosen the most popular varieties of Female Seeds. Try them and discover a world of facilities; a perfect germination, plant 100% feminized and powerful effects on consumption. Female Seeds is a safe bet that respects the environment.