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Reserva Privada

A little history

Of all cannabis seeds banks, maybe the story of Private Reserve is the most peculiar.

This is a small bank that is supported by DNA genetics, a seed bank very potent marijuana, settled on the West Coast of America.

This platform was formed for a group of American breeders of Hollywood that wanted to show their rarest varieties and exquisite to surprise public during the 80s.

Reserva Privada

With this platform, all breeders who work, are protected by laws allowing medical cannabis in their communities, and maintain the anonymity of their creators.

Currently, they have a store in Amsterdam since 2004, where they display to their oddities cannabis fans worldwide.

Its strong point:

Its catalog has only 13 feminized and regular varieties. As a general rule their hybrid strains come from the West Coast and often choose varieties of short stature.

Most hybrids have a composition having a large proportion of Indica and a lower percentage of sativa to ensure an exclusive production.

Their motto is:

Its main objective is to select varieties of rare marijuana, and of these varieties, they produce a limited number of seeds.

Reserva Privada

It is therefore difficult to find varieties of this bank easily, they know that their strains are exclusive, and they ensure creating limited editions to ensure purity.

A strategy that ensures the limited edition of the plants, and ensures that every seed will be worthy of collection.

Cups and Awards:

The most valuated Reserva Privada varieties are OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Wonders of nature valued by growers of all time.

Reserva Privada

His marijuana strains Have Been Mentioned and Awarded in all competitions in the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Among them they have Kosher Kush and Kandy Kush.
Often all of the varieties are feminized and with a short flowering period.

Specialized in:

Part of Its catalog is Composed of normal seeds and the other feminized seeds.
Today, His work in the medical cannabis is noteworthy. Most of Its strains POSSESS the proper ratio of cannabinoids to ensure beneficial effects on the body, looking for Both physical and mind relaxation.

Reserva Privada

Its seeds are unique and with etiquette. We encourage you to try some of their quirks, we are sure you will fall in love.

Green Parrot Seeds, we offer the selection of Reserva Privada. Because of the limited edition varieties is difficult to get, so we take care of That you can access your products from our bank.