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The latest in DAB: BHO, Wax, Shatter, Budder

Discover the types of concentrated doses of cannabis


Cannabis culture is evolving at breakneck steps, every time there are more, and better varieties of marijuana seeds and there are thousands of products paraphernalia.

But what about the ways of consuming cannabis?

As expected, the sophistication in the use of marijuana has arrived. The latest trend is the dabbing or cannabis use in concentrated dose inhalers are heated formed by titanium or boron silicate.

A sophisticated form of consumption that is gaining popularity worldwide. A new form of marijuana that promotes the improvement of extraction “home made” techniques cannabis resin.

There are various names of these resins that differ in their mode of extraction. However, all these derivatives have common characteristics:

There are the extract of pure marijuana, and can contain easily a 70% of THC in their composition.

Although extracting the essence of cannabis is nothing new as it began to perform more than two centuries for medicinal purposes, at present, it has taken major role in the global cannabic panorama.

United States and Canada are shown at the top of the main extractors of this substance, and there is a stir in the cannabis community in these countries.

However, not all consumers are in favor of cannabis consumption.

Dabbing pros and cons:


In favor of dabbing:

• The extraction of concentrate cannabis allows the consumption of this substance without having to mix with the snuff. This is more beneficial to the body and does not contain nicotine.
• The purity of this substance is very high and allows to achieve minimum values of 50% THC into the final product. This is a breakthrough for the medical prescription of marijuana, and could help patients with chronic pain more effectively.
• These concentrates can be prepared at home with simple tools.

Dabbing against:

• The manufacturing process involves the use of some chemical materials if not known, can result in hazardous or home accidents.
• The DAB consumption is done by warming inhalers. The process is identical to the consumption of crack. This similarity could generate distrust and error, and hinder the legalization of cannabis.
• There have already been several emergency overdose of cannabis, which had never happened before with the use of marijuana as usual.

What happens to consume marijuana concentrates?

This substances of marijuana consumed cause an effect 5 times greater the effect it can offer smoked marijuana.

This kind pf Marijuana for medicinal treatments, is an impressive finding since the patient could access to a values that could not get to smoke cannabis.

The speed of absorption and potency can even cause hallucinations and even psychosis stages.

Although not yet known side effects, caution should be used when filtering products to get rid of butane and chemicals used in their extraction.

Now that you know all about the DAB sure you’ll want to know the types of extraction and preparation.

There are basically two ways to prepare these concentrates, with chemical solvents or natural and ecological way.

Here we tell you a little more about extractions; Do you dare to prepare it?


This concentrate is the favorite of the Americans. Its name is derived from the use of butane as a solvent.

The BHO (butane hash oil), also known as Honey Oil, Shatter, Budder, Errl, Honey and Wax, among other names.

It represents one of the most important advances in the field of cannabis extractions, along with water hash.

The extraction technique is easy. However, care should be taken due to the volatility of gas.

Wax process

Ingredients and Tools:

Dried marijuana buds of high quality
Stainless steel pipes or steel silicate
1 Bottle of butane 0% impurities
A filter mesh of 50 microns or coffee filters.
Electric heater.
Pyrex tray.
Tray larger than the Pyrex to make a water bath.
Clean blades.
Oven mitt


We tell the basic process of preparing the BHO, we encourage you to see some video tutorials, which you can find on the internet to make sure you have learned the procedure.

Step 1:

Take about 2 ounces of dried marijuana buds of good quality. With this amount you can expect about 3.6 g of BHO about.

Step 2:

Place buds in an extraction tube. Make sure it is dry and clean. You should also check for bags and air gaps between you enter the buds forming. It can help a rod to tighten. At this point it is important for you to notice that the product is well-pressing, without tighten.

Let cool the tube in the refrigerator about two hours or so.

Step 3:

Butane gas connected by a rubber at one end of the tube.
On the opposite end stands the coffee filters for the liquid drop has to go through them.
The gas passes through the tube at an even pace and to be slow.
Place a Pyrex tray under the filter to fall liquid collected.

Step 4:

Let all the gas extraction tube, until the end of the bottle.
Throughout the process takes all possible precautions. Note that if you have been air pockets between the buds pipe could explode.

Step 5:

Once the gas bottle in the collection tray you’ve got a liquid gold.
The next step is to evaporate. Place the Pyrex dish in a pan filled with hot water “bath” until the liquid begins to bubble. When your mixture stops bubbling be ready.
Then you can scrape the product and place in a glass jar.
Note that if you leave it too long in hot water the product may deteriorate and become dark and degraded.

There are different types of BHO, the classification depends on the presentation you choose and the water temperature at the time of evaporation.

The effects on the body that you can wait and concentration levels of THC are very similar.

We present the different formats:

SHATTER: It is a way of presenting the BHO crystallized form. It is very smooth and solid and is achieved after removing fats, lipids and waxes. After extraction crystallize cannabis oil past 70 degrees. This extraction can reach 80% of THC, but this process terpenes are lost.


BUDDER: A concentrated arising after applying heat to the extraction of a BHO. To achieve this concentrate must submit the BHO at a temperature of 50 degrees. Thus, its texture becomes stronger. The terpenes Budder preserves over so it is tastier, but has lower percentage of THC. It has a creamy consistency.


OIL or WAX: it tends to be the least of the three refined. It is very cloying, like hot wax, a sticky liquid that can be unwieldy. Thus retains the flavor of terpenes, but the THC levels tend to be less consistent.

Oil Hash

You can also make extractions from marijuana 100% organic . For these extractions dry ice and filters of different micron ratings are used.

All concentrates marijuana and oils generally are smoked in pyrex pipes. There are thousands of forms of bongs made by craftsmen glass bongs, oilers … Let’s go looking for yours!