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Dutch Passion

This marijuana seed bank is breeding female varieties of better quality since the late 80s.

Dutch Passion

His worldwide fame is deserved by sophisticated products it offers, and great scientific knowledge that has given the world.

They provide high quality seeds with a tested genetic and high probability of success in all cultures both inside and outside.

A little history

This seed bank in 1998 made a breakthrough in research and development by creating the first feminized cannabis seeds.

Dutch Passion

A great success which have benefited banks and other growers, and has been a worldwide revolution in cannabis culture.

Its strong point:

Its great value as cannabis breeder company lies in the control of the genetics of marijuana plants.

Thanks to a rigorous research effort have been able to offer feminized varieties with a 95% chance of success.

Their motto is:

“The formula for success lies in the genetic control of seed.”

Therefore invest all their efforts in the scientific study of the phenotypes of marijuana, obtaining new varieties constantly.

Dutch Passion

Cups and Awards::

This bank has been crowned as the best bank of seeds in the last edition of Spannabis 2014.
They also have cups and awards for its sophisticated and unbeatable autoflowering and feminized varieties such as Tundra, Taiga or Polar Light.

Specialized in:

This bank offers the most stable and higher success rate among the world feminized varieties.

Dutch PassionTheir studies indicate that female cannabis plants contain a higher concentration of THC, and have more resin than male plants.

So they have focused their efforts on the development of female varieties.

In addition to providing feminized seeds, have invested much effort in studying the maturation of their strains as well as the optimal size of development. As a result of his research, most of its strains are developed around 60-100 cm on average.

However, his most remarkable plus point is the percentage of germination.

The bank says its germination percentage round 95% probability, which makes it the favorite of novice and expert gardeners who seek a safe bet in cultivation.

Thanks to his scientific studies and mastery at the intersection of genetics, your plants have the purest phenotypes in feminized versions of the world, and have served as inspiration for the development and breeding of new varieties worldwide.

In recent times have been devoted to developing powerful Autos varieties with less than 75 days full cycle. Among them one of the most valuable would be the Auto White Widow.

Among his best known varieties include: Passion # 1(), Power Plant, Orange Bud, Brainstorm, Blueberry, Skunk # 11, Euphoria, Twilight and Mazar.

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