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Green House Seeds

Green HouseThis seed bank offers more than twenty strains that are distinguished by being true champions indoor and outdoor cultivation.

In Green House have created varieties of marijuana known as “white” strains that bring incredible features and very desirable for cultivation, such as resistance to cold nights, cultivation impossible altitudes and hardness to the worst pests.

A little history

Green House Seed Company is defined as the seed bank marijuana most successful in the world.
Its founder, Mr. Arjan, the company established 25 years ago in Amsterdam in order to find the best genetics based on location, culture and great personal knowledge about marijuana.

Mr. Arjan green House

Since its inception and today, their efforts have focused on the hunt for the best variety of marijuana, creating movement “strain hunters”

Green House

Its strong point:

The bank says its seeds are neither treated nor genetically fungicides used in cultivation. Therefore their products are 100% natural. They offer pure marijuana.

The genetics of this bank is the result of years of intensive breeding.

Their motto is:

“We want to know all possible marijuana seeds to provide the best product to consumers.”

Therefore, Arjan, owner and founder of the company, has been acclaimed worldwide as the King of Cannabis for his amazing record of cannabis prizes won throughout his career.

Cups and Awards:

This bank is one that has won more international awards in the world. Among them are 40 High Times Cannabis Cups, 17 Highlife Cups, without ruling out other competitions and private cups of many locations on the planet.

His most awarded varieties are “White” family. Among them are White Widow and her sisters White Rhino, Great White Shark and El Niño.

Among his other successes we can talk about Super Silver Haze and Himalaya Gold. Both recognized worldwide for its versatility and ease of cultivation.

Specialized in:

All strains have exceptional medicinal and recreational properties highly valued. Consumers choose their seeds to be the most psychedelic effects cause.
This seed bank offers a range of impressive products. Offer feminized seeds, Autoflowering, Regular Seeds Greenhouse ideals and Medicinal seeds.

Also, they have specialized in offering varieties with very particular terpenes that guarantee the aroma and unique flavor.

Also since 2008 have taken their colored seeds, a success for distinguishing strains when the crop.

green House seeds

In Green Parrot seeds, you’ll find the selection of cannabis seeds most valued by consumers and growers of marijuana on the planet. Discover our varieties of Green House Seeds.