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Spannabis 2015

Fair marijuana made in Spain

The Spannabis it’s a fair that was proclaimed as the most important event cannabis marijuana culture of the moment worldwide.

Over the past 20, 21 and 22 March about 34,000 people visited the Fair Spannabis located in Cornellà de Llobregat (Barcelona)

The success of the organizers was resounding.

In its twelfth edition, this event has fulfilled the expectations of visitors and exhibitors, and has become a reference site for lovers of marijuana and professionals; consumers, seed banks, businesses and even for new entrepreneurs.

What’s on in Spannabis?

Spannabis 2015 has offered a wide range of news, products and information on cannabic world.

It brought together international and national experts in the sector, an area of 17,000m2. A full range of interesting activities about the exciting world of marijuana for different audiences.


Lectures, concerts, exhibition of products and new, and the first World Cannabis Conferences.

More than 500 companies, 200 exhibitors and 18,000 professional and sponsors, have shown wanting to be in the forefront of international marijuana market.

Seed banks have exhibited their new varieties, offering tastings and samples of the leading seeds at a great price.

Cheap growers, seed bulk and selling all kinds of paraphernalia linked to cannabic world stand out. Smoking accessories, shirts, oils, books and star product:

Triumph vaporizers, which are placed upside down without combustion. Among manufacturers innovation similar to that of Ventolin inhaler is highlighted.


The “World Cannabis Conferences”

The Cannabis World Conferences have been the big news this year 2015.

These conferences have been developed in forum format, and have focused on the need to implement all the efforts of recent years in the field of cannabis.

Enterprises engaged in the research and development of cannabis and its derivatives have very much appreciated this initiative.

The lectures are divided into four blocks: scientific, medicinal, international and national. And they have had presentations by key individuals in the sector worldwide.

Spannabis2015The most interesting papers on regulation, have focused on the cannabis and Self-regulated Clubs Federations of Catalonia.

Regarding medical intervention block, shined the Dr. Javier Pedraza, family doctor, who specializes in treatments with cannabis and derivatives. Their experience supports the studies of marijuana for therapeutic purposes.

Many speakers at various meetings stressed the qualities of CBD and THC, and the need to invest more effort in the assessment of the active ingredients in cannabis.

As for the legalization of marijuana, the expert Araceli Manjón-Cabeza professor of criminal law at the Complutense University of Madrid and former director of the Office of National Drug Plan, has provided his testimony with the presentation of a book "The Solution ".

The conclusions of the conference give hint at a possible legalization of cannabis as imminent medicinal use, in addition to great advances in the study of the composition of cannabis and its therapeutic applications.

Following the presentations and seeing the successful results of the companies, the exploitation of the culture of marijuana becomes a candy for new entrepreneurs and investors who are willing to exploit the height of this booming market, unstoppable, and process of being legalized.

International players

US, UK and Canada are proclaimed as the strongest countries in the fight for the legalization of marijuana.

In this edition we have seen many seed banks, scientific presentations and varieties, with American support and marketing management.

This awareness can be checked with the large number of people in these countries this year, confirmed as an event for the fans and for the many workers in the industry.

Also, noteworthy the conclusions of the recent approval of marijuana for recreational use in the states of Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Colorado.

Meanwhile, Spain and the Netherlands are at the forefront of European countries in marijuana.

News of Spannabis 2015

We just get found brand new banks and own stamps with Dutch and Spanish high quality that have been very well received by visitors.

Fast BudsIncluding Fast Buds seed bank stands. A company that has been working in Europe since 2010 and first presented in Spannabis. It has become the preferred expert and novice growers looking results 100% safe. Its seeds are autoflowering and feminized, and well worthy cause effects on the body, something to remember. They are featured for and record time in growing varieties.

This mark is displayed as a benchmark in the field of seed banks as it has the technical and research biologists and strains US support, and administrative and logistics base in Barcelona.

Its portfolio is diverse; is sticking with the varieties Gril Scout Cookies, Crystal Meth, Mexican Airlines, Pineapple Express, LSD-25, GSC, Blackberry and West Coast OG, of which we are sure will arouse much interest.

Spannabis organizers assure that each year a harder time organizing challenge arises. This time there have been many companies that have been on the waiting list without being able to participate in the exhibition.
The organization will use all means to offer new opportunities and alternatives, the next edition.

Why Barcelona?

Barcelona holds a leading position in Europe and acts as a leader in the bustling world of cannabic sector. Gradually cannabis clubs members and ordinary consumers begin to have social and legal acceptance.

Today there are over 200 Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona.

Spannabis bcn

This city has become a benchmark for the cannabis culture internationally. Proof of this is the recent opening of Hemp Museum and the proliferation of shops and growers who open their doors to the public daily.

Permissiveness with the opening of cannabis clubs and climatology of the place, allow marijuana gain adherents in this city.

The presentations on legalization mentioned on several occasions that big cities with lots of movement of marijuana, as are these Vancouver, Amsterdam and Barcelona moments can be used to perform the “beehive effect.”

This is an experiment that consists in causing the opening of various establishments engaged in recreational marijuana to prove their social impact and measure their benefits.

Also, the idea of using taxes generated by the sale of marijuana to invest in the education and health sector, as is being done in Colorado now arises.

The challenge of Spannabis

This fair was born 12 years ago with the aim that people could approach the cannabis culture as something exotic.

The next step we want to give the organization is “Fight for the legalization of marijuana” with the voices of international cannabis associations.

Spannabis products

The highlight of this edition were numerous stands of seed banks, fertilizer and items for cultivation.

In this sense, we attended almost the entire catalog of products available in the market; all the ways that cannabis can be used, clothing and accessories, food, flour, oil, and the medical drugs.

Spannabis Awards 2015

As a good contest of international marijuana event also counted with the presence of a jury willing to evaluate different categories of cannabic world.

The awards, unlike other international trophies, not only focus on the varieties or banks but beyond. Offering a 360 degree view of the products that can be found today of hemp day.

We present the list of awards this year:

BEST NUTRIENT – Bio Heaven by BioBizz
BEST TOOL CULTURE – Alien Alien Hydroponics System Pro
BEST STAND – Barney’s Farm

After visiting this event, we conclude that it is amazing the number of people who care about hemp today, and every day is increasing the cannabis culture.

Also to be noted that the target audience that is interested in this product is no longer the group typified marijuana lovers of the 80s, is far from a laughing and teenagers.

Consumers are becoming more mature, holding positions in society with more weight and are more aware of the use being made of this substance. These include greater assistance female audience, than in previous editions.

We encourage you to attend the next edition of Spannabis 2016 , Barcelona will be covered with green, we are sure .