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High Times Cannabis Cup 2014

The Marijuana Oscars

As if they were Hollywood stars, the marijuana varieties file down the red carpet of the Amsterdam High Times Cannabis Cup each November in order to get their awards.

High Times Cannabis Cup

Four intense days full of happiness, surprises and some disappointments for the main cultivators and producers from marijuana world, those who wait the classifications of the winner strains like they were Oscar statues.

A little bit of history about High Times:

High times cannabis Cup 2014High Times Cannabis Cup is the most ancient cannabis competition celebrated since 1988, year which its founder Steve Hager decided to organize a festival around Maria plant sponsored by the well-known New Yorker magazine pro-legalization of marijuana, High Times.

At the first official cup only four seed companies were presented ahead a jury composed by: marijuana guru Dr. Indoor, a photographer and Steven Agar.bq.

Since then, High Times has celebrated its annual events in Amsterdam, and has expanded to United States where was settled the first Cannabis Cup in 2010.

In the last years, has extended its events in several American locations and they intend to open a new event in Portland in 2015.

It also features with The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup held in states where Medical Marijuana is allowed.

High Times Cannabis Cup nowadays

The evolution of the competition has been exponential since the inception judging the number of firms and companies presenting cannabis, and the fact that voting is open to the public.

High Times cannabis cup 2014 judge pass

Paying approximately 260€, the visitor can get the “pass judge” and vote for the varieties that are competing.bq.

This pass allows you the access to the enclosure, attendance in all events and workshops and the access to a curious guided tour to the Coffee Shops in Amsterdam called “The Crawl”.

This tour is the opportunity to discover less accessible places that worth to visit and repeat during the next visits in Amsterdam.

Since 2012 the votes are done through tablets to simplify the information gathering, which is far from the beginnings when the votes were hand counted. Now the classifications are got in the less time possible.

About the contest

The main goal of this Cannabis Cup is to allow judges from around the world to taste and vote for their favourite strains.

Thanks to the cannabis market development it also offers awards and nominations to the best innovation product, the best stand, the best glass, the best Hash and the best Nederhash.

The cannabis producer companies take great pains to get their awards, because they know that if their strains are appreciated by the jury, the seeds will become the top of the most wanted by the cultivators during the next year.

Between the tests we can find the following candidature: the best indica, the best sativa and the best hybrid.

Due to the growth in the sector during the last years, they have added valuations of the best Coffee Shops and the awards to those companies which produce the best Hash Neder and the best importation Hash, among others.

The judges, a VIP taster team, decide during these days from which company are those seeds that have grown better.

With an absolute caress, a tasting of the product is developed.

The marijuana tastings

During the tastings the elements like purity, flavour, psychoactive effects and all the aspects related with the product are observed and punctuated.

Catas de la marihuana

Usually the tasting is divided into two parts; organoleptic tasting and psychoactive tasting.
The organoleptic tasting is related with the flavour and the odour that the marijuana shows.

Between the attributes that are more taken into account are highlighted the aspect, ratio caliz-leave, resin, density, strength, odour, flavour, hints and aftertaste.

On the other hand, in the psychoactive tasting, they determine the effects that the plant produces.

Normally mother genetics and their therapeutic properties are studied.
In the determination of the psychoactive attributes they observe the kind of produced effect; corporal or cerebral, relaxing or stimulating, creative or contemplative and the duration of the effect.

In some cases they can also determine the kind of slope that they have, more or less relaxing, fast or slow, etc.

The tests are not only developed in the contest, but models of the varieties are sent to I+D external laboratories in order to check the THC and ADB levels.

Winners of the Cannabis Cup in 2014

Cannabis cup

A continuation we detail the awards of the last contest, like bank seeds, we are going to pay attention to the winner seeds and the awarded companies.

The best Sativa from Seed Company.

We introduce you the three awarded varieties from this year.

1.– Tangie Crockett’s Cut by Crockett Family Farms.

This variety was the revelation of the contest. Thanks to Crockett’s we have discovered the Tangie genetic variety. This variety is a mixture between Cali-o X Skunk. Its success is thanks to its size, yield, and elegance during its growth.

The strong point of this variety is in the resinous flower production with citric aroma, and with a great production. Moreover, it has a great rush.

2.– Tangie by DNA Genetics

This variety is distinguished thanks to its intense and exotic aroma that the resinous hearts release. If you touch it, your hands will smell like citric.

It has fast growth, is ready in only 9 weeks, and it underlines thanks to its easiness during the care. Is suitable for expert and for novice, it always has good production, and you will always remember the rush.

3.– Lemon Bubble by PhenoFinders

This variety is the result from the mixture of Super Lemon Haze phenotypes with masculine SilverBubble. Another fantastic citric model with 70 days of blooming.

From this plant are captivated their silver tones and their unbeatable flavour. Also, the sativo buzz invites you to relaxation and good mood.

The best Indica from Seed Company.

1.– Colorado Bubba by The Vault Genetics

This variety have us in expectation, because we don’t know its properties and its genetic, we hope to know more about it and we animate The Vault Genetics to spread its information, we also animate you to give us your opinion.

2.– The Truth by True Canna Genetics

This variety is a classic of the elite old school from Kush triangle with an impulse of OG Kush dominant genetic. It presents incredible resin coverage and a fantastic pine with tropical fruit aroma.

Without any doubt, is a model to taste, since its lineage is exceptional.

3.– Kosher Kush by DNA Genetics

This model has won the last contest. Is one of the favourites of the judges thanks to its intense aroma, and also thanks to its adaptability and production.

This variety is one secure bet from DNA Genetics seed bank and its creators recreated their self in each won award.

We wish that this model win more contests.

The best Hybrid from Seed Company.

1.- Larry OG by The Vault Genetics

This marijuana strain is distinguished because it produces aromatic hearts with lemon flavour and a final diesel odour.

One exceptional variety thanks to its growth with 8 weeks and because it has an exquisite cultivation.

It underlines because the great quantity of resin in its trichomes.

2.-Star Killer by Rare Dankness Seeds

Of this strain we have to underline the tour that the plant realizes: from its shoots to the flavour.

A purple opened trichomes show that presents a perfect balance among size, production and easiness of cultivation.

It underlines its therapeutic features like pain relief, insomnia and gastrointestinal problems.

3.– Night Nurse by BC Bud Depot

You should be sat down to taste this variety, because it induces a relaxing buzz from the first drag.

Its genetic mixture makes it especially advisable against anxiety and balance. Its effect generates a perfect balance between body and mind that fights against stress and anxiety symptoms.

Other nominations

The rest of awards produced a big happiness between the participants and the public. Among them, the most memorable are:

The best Coffee shop strain

1.– Cookies Kush by Barney’s Coffeeshop
2.– OG Reek’n by The Green Place
3.– Pure Kush by The Green House

The best Hash imported by a Coffee Shop

1.– Super Lemon Haze Cream by the Green House
2.– Caramella Cream by Barney’s Coffeeshop
3.– Twisla by The Green Place

The best concentrated Hash imported by a Coffee Shop

1.- Super Lemon OG Concentrate by Loud Pack Extractions & Greenwolf, LA
2.- Paris OG Kush Shatter by Dab Vader for Oasis Medical Seeds in Flint, MI
3.- Lemon OG 18 Live Resin by DNA Unlimited

The best Hash Neder made by a Coffee Shop

1.– Cookies Ice-Cream by Barney’s Coffeeshop
2.- Green House Ice by The Green House
3.- Grey Crystal by The Grey Area

The best Neder Hash made by a Seed Company

1.- The Kong 73 Non-Solvent Hash by The Vault Genetics
2.– Betty Ross by DNA Grow Your Own
3.- Barb 99 – Drysift by House of the Great Gardener

The best Hash Neder made by a Coffee Shop

CBD Simple from CannaVest

The plant with the highest CDB

CBD Rene by House of the Great Gardener

The best glasses

1.– Roor/Sublimator
2.– Flav421 History in the Making by the Dampkring Gallery
3.– Team Japan Onigari/ Demon Hunter by the Dampkring Gallery

The best product

1.– The Loud Seeds Gift Bag
2.– Devil’s Harvest
3.– Sublimator

Year after year, High Times Cannabis Cup is full of “good vibes” in a ferial environment, where you can also enjoy life music, educational seminars about the marijuana care, and workshops about the most leading tendencies for the next season and an exposition of the products related with marijuana and business oriented to cannabis.bq.

For this reason, it is not strange, that marijuana lovers from around the world fly to Amsterdam at these times with organized trips to be captivated and immersed in the green tide of four intense cannabis days.

Do you sign up to the next?