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The flavors of cannabis

Gourmet marijuana directly to the palate

The marijuana plant is observed, smelt, smoked, eaten and … now savoured.

!(left)http://greenparrotseeds.com/system/site_photos/images/191/original/eating-marijuana.jpg?1417023186(marijuana flavour)!Every day the marijuana producers, the cultivators, and the bank seeds work hard in order to surprise us with a catalogue of odours and flavours of the different varieties of marijuana, like a restaurant menu.

Nowadays, there exist a big variety of classified cannabis flavours, which together with the aroma of the plant make you to have a great experience.

This flavours catalogue is the result of the observation and the tasting of different varieties by the cultivators, producers, medicinal and lucrative consumers.

Just two decades ago, the different marijuana plants were classified in only 3 flavours; fruity, earthy and floral, but nowadays thanks to the appreciation of nuance and the mixture of genetic varieties, we can count 48 flavours contrasted by the consumers and the experts.

To whet you appetite we mention some of the new flavours that have the leading marijuana varieties: cheese(), grapes(), pineapple(), chilly(), vanilla(), peanut(), ammonia(), roses(), lavender(), coffee(), apricot()… among others

What do you fancy more?

The most surprising of this variety of flavours is that its origin is natural and organic. We explain you everything about the marijuana flavours.
h3. %(orange)From where do the cannabis flavours come from? %

The multiplicity of the flavours and odours that the marijuana provides us comes from the combination between two organic elements of the plants: the Flavonoids and the Terpenes.

The Terpenes, are organic compounds that create the essential oils that aggregate in the resin of the plants.

These aromatic combinations are developed by plants with adaptable purposes

The aromas and the flavours that detach terpenes and the flavonoids in an evolutionary level, serve to repel possible predators and attract possible pollinators.

And if so, who could resist to the smell of a good cheesecake?


Moreover of the adaptive faculties that provide the odour and the flavour to the plants, the terpenes provide concrete aromatic qualities to each variety, which influences our organism when we consume as the aromatherapy does.

Similarly, the aromas and the flavours that detach the terpenes and the flavonoids combined with canabinoids, stimulate different effects of the THC and CDB of marijuana, generating more or less dopamine and serotonin in blood, producing alterations in our mood and humour.

One magic combination that converts the consumption of marijuana into an incomparable experience.

Let’s see the catalogue of the marijuana flavours direct to the palate.

There are more than 100 kinds of terpenes in marijuana, but we are going to introduce you the most common ones, and those which possess the most famous strains between the cultivators and the consumers.

Earthy flavour(). From the earth to the palate.

marijuana earthy

How does it taste?

Mushrooms, mango, red tea … The responsible terpene of the earthy flavour is called Myrcene. Almost 60% of the cannabis varieties possess this flavour between its nuances.

Which are the effects in the organism?

This aroma and flavour provides to the organism anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effects, and can work as a powerful analgesic. It is indicated in cancer, because it inhibits the action of the mutagenic elements in cancer cells. Also, the consumption of Myrcene increases the psychoactive effects of THC.

One curiosity

Some expert consumers assure that if you consume one mango one hour before smoking marijuana with earthy flavour, you will get a unique experience.

Caramel flavour(). Sweet and fruity

marijuana sweet

How does it taste?

Candies, cakes, fruits, Silvestre berries, preserved fruits; flowers… he hints of the sweet flavour of marijuana are multiple. They move from spicy to fruity.
This aroma and flavour is really powerful in some varieties that convert them in an excellent allied for deserts like the Bubblegum or Cream caramel variety.
The responsible terpenes of this flavour can be found in several fruits or Silvestre berries. Among them, the most famous are Caryophyllene, linalool, Myrcene and Terpineol.

Which are the effects in the organism?

Most of the marijuana strains that contain this flavour help to improve our mood. They are allies against depression and pains related with inflammation. They can produce sedative and relaxing effects.

One curiosity

These varieties are really popular because its flavour is really attractive like sweets. Be careful! Once you start, you can’t stop…

Flavour Acre() Pungent, rough and spicy

Marijuana Pungent

How does it taste?

A spicy flavour between sweet and spicy, that is characteristic of some indispensable elements of the high cuisine like pepper, ginger and cloves species.

The responsible terpene that gives the acre flavour is most of the times caryophyllene, it can be found in several spices and herbs, especially in black pepper.

Which are the effects in the organism?

This flavour has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and works as an excellent local analgesic. It can also produce excitement and an increase of libido like ginger, cinnamon and pepper

One curiosity

Some marijuana puffs with acre flavour will take away your toothache.

Pine flavour() , the forest at home

marijuana pine

How does it taste?

Pine, spruce, pine nuts, celery, mint, eucalyptus and camphor … The flavour of pine, mint and resin is unmistakable. The responsible for this familiar smell and taste is the Pinene, the Borneol and Delta3Carene that are found in high proportion in most pines and firs, as well as some aromatic plants.

Which are the effects in the organism?

The Pinene is used most of the cases is medicines that help to decongest the respiratory tracts. In a medical level serves as an expectorant, bronchus dilator, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic premises. It also helps to stimulate brain cells, so it is a good ally for concentration and memory.

One curiosity

If you want to increase the mental lucidity, Pinene is the flavour that will help you to find more elevated states of consciousness.

Citric flavours(), Wake up and cheer you up.

lemon citrus marijuana

How does it taste?

Among the most valuable strains of marijuana flavours, citric flavours are the most successful: lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit combine perfectly with the rest of terpenes present in cannabis.

An element that provides this touch to the marijuana is Limonene.

Which are the effects in the organism?

The benefits of this flavour and aroma are innumerable. It provides sensations that increase the general welfare.

It improves the mood, the sexual appetite, the concentration power, and create a defence barrier in the organism: antifungal and anti- carcinogenic.
Also, the citric flavours benefit the people who are affected by stomach and gastric problems.

One curiosity

If during the summer the flies and mosquitos disturb you, you can chase them away with the smoke of a strain rich of Limonene.

Flavour Skunk(), devastating stench

skunk marijuana

How does it taste?

Is strange to think that a skunk flavour would be attractive for our palate. However, Skunk flavour is one of the most wanted.

Its flavour is very strong, with some fruity and floral hints that provide terpenes like Limonene, Caryophyllene and Linool.

How does it affect in the organism?

Puff to puff this skunk variety produces a cerebral buzz. Ideal against anxiety and to improve the mood states.

One curiosity

The Skunk varieties emit strong odours during the growing, and then we recommend you to put filters if you don’t want to stink the entire neighbourhood.

Woody flavour(), insured comfort

woody marijuana

How does it taste?

Liquorice, walnuts, chestnuts, acorns, mushrooms, cedar and even roast lamb. The taste of wood and firewood is one of the most wanted in the kitchen for meats and fish.
In woody marijuana we find most of the varieties that possess Caryophyllene, Carene and Pinene terpenes.

Which are the effects in the organism?

This flavour produces comfort and stability sensation. Is really beneficial for anxiety states, and to palliate intense pains caused for inflammations of muscles and tendons.

Also, it possesses astringents that favours the drying when there is an exceed of liquids in the organism, for example tears or sweat.

One curiosity

If you have flu, the smoke and the woody flavour will stop the nasal drip.

Diesel flavour() , combustible

Marijuana Diesel

How does it taste?

For those who love the aroma of the petrol stations, the diesel varieties are without doubt the best option. Bitter hints, like wild truffles, chemical diesel flavours and combustible are mixed in this variety.

The present terpenes in this kind of varieties are the critics that are combined with turpentine aromas that provide chemical hints.

Which are the effects in the organism?

They produce a strong cerebral buzz, and little by little the body gets relaxed. It serves to reduce stress and to produce relaxation moments.

One curiosity

Some Diesel varieties can leave resin trails in the fingers with a powerful petroleum aroma.

Floral flavour(), intense aromas

!http://greenparrotseeds.com/system/site_photos/images/203/original/flores_(1).jpg?1417024230(flowery marijuana)!

How does it taste?

Roses, lavender, tropical flowers, fruits; sweets … More than 200 aromatic herbs contain this unmistakable floral flavour. Many terpenes influence these flavours and aromas but the most characteristic is the Linalool.

Which are the effects in the organism?

The sedative effects of the aromatic flowers are assembled in the smoke and in the flavour of marijuana providing lightness, joy, tenderness and peace to the organism.

One curiosity

If you impregnate a pillow with the smoke of these marijuana varieties you will rest in a placid and in a sweet dream.

Berry flavour() wild, a delight

blueberry marijuana

How does it taste?

Like all the sweet flavours, the berry flavours are delights of the consumers. There exists a big catalogue of the varieties that possess this terpene, because many mixtures possess the genetic variety of the well-known Blueberry.

Which are the effects in the organism?

The fruity flavours of this marijuana variety invite a festive environment, provide happiness, and open the appetite. Ideal to share.

One curiosity

If you are a lover of desserts you must try the varieties with cheesecake with blueberry flavour, is a miracle of the nature.