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Top 10 Sativa varieties

The 10 best Sativa marijuana varieties

Do you need energy? Are you K.O because of the tedium and the routine? Have you been a long time without laughing a lot? If the answers are yes, you need a good physical, mental and emotional jolt.

The queen of the jolting is the Sativa marijuana, because after its consumption you will probably have a millionaire idea or a historical orgasm.


This kind of marijuana is used to provide energy and vigour to the organism, promote the creativity and induce psychedelic experiences.

We explain you the main features of this variety and we reveal you the “Top 10” list of the Sativa cannabis strains with the highest effects valued by our expert cultivators.

Origin of the Sativa variety

Like Indica variety, it comes from Asia. Its exact geographic origin is placed in Afghanistan. In lower and sunnier areas than its sister Indica.

However, it has been cultivated since the antiquity in all Asia and nowadays you can find it in most regions of the world.

This variety has really specific features that make them to be perfect to be cultivated in warmer and tropical areas.


In general terms, the Sativa variety is:

  • Tall and slender, it can reach 4 m. high.
  • With very separate leaves.
  • Light green.
  • With large internodal distances and long buds.
  • It adapts to warm and temperate climates.
  • It has a flowering period that can last between 8 and 10 weeks.
  • Its flavours are sensational.
  • It has a very high level of THC.

A Little bit of history about the Sativa cannabis variety

It has been cultivated during a lot of years in Asia, not only by its medicinal use but also because is a plant with high quality fibers.

From it we could produce fabrics and ropes of big resistance, the herds were fed. Between lots of uses, we have to underline the fabrication of hard and resistant paper.

Effects of the Sativa variety consumption

For the effects that produce in the organism, this variety is highly appreciated by a lucrative use.

It possesses a higher level of THC in its chemical components, and this substance is the responsible of the strongest buzz of marijuana.

  • It is like a long term narcotic*

The usage of this variety in a medicinal way is spread in the following cases:

  • Glaucoma; reduces the intraocular pressure relieving the pain.
  • Cancer; relieves nauseas, vomit and the loss of appetite
  • AIDS; helps to overcome nausea, vomit and the loss of hunger
  • Epilepsy; prevents seizures
  • Multiple sclerosis; Clinical studies show its effective in these cases.

The cultivation of the Sativa variety

It is a more difficult cultivation than the Indica cultivations, because they are really big plants with weak roots.

These varieties usually adapt well in the exterior with warm climates. The best areas to cultivate are those close to Equator.

These plants are less resistant, but the cultivators choose them because the product is incomparable.

Nowadays there exist several bank seeds that have obtained hybrids that possess the most desirable features of Sativas with the genetic wonder of Indicas, creating easier subspecies to cultivate.

We reveal the Top 10 of the best and the most powerful varieties of Sativa Marijuana:

1.- Super Lemon Haze(), “creative power”

Super Lemon Haze

This variety has a citric flavour and possesses all the qualities of the Sativa variety, moreover is easy to cultivate thanks to its mixture with Indica.

This variety is really appreciated thanks to the creative buzz, and because it induces to make big discourses.

2.- Dr. Grinspoon() “spicy lemonade”

Dr. Grinspoon

This plant has an unmistakable smoke; spicy, citric and penetrant. The lovers of Sativa will adore it by its cerebral effects and the duration of the buzz.

3.- Power Plant(), “assured Indoor”

Power Plant

This strain is 100% Sativa, but it has been mixed with other varieties to guarantee its stability. It is ideal for the indoor cultivation.

4.- Royal Haze() “It gives you wings”

This cannabis variety allows you to dance, cut a tree or run the whole city without a rest. This is the favourite for those people who look for pure energy in the marijuana.

Royal Haze

5.- Kali Mist() “The women’s favourite”

This strain provides a big relief during menstrual periods, for this reason it has been elected as the women’s favourite.

Kali Mist

6.- Amnesia() “among the best in the world”


Its aroma, the quality of its production, and the flavour place it in the first positions of the world. Moreover, it possesses a high production and can reach the 4m.

7.- Wild Thailand()

It is a variety that grows thanks to the work of Thai people. It has a demolisher level of THC.

Wild Thailand

8.- Y griega() “ Ready, steady…”

The consumers appreciate this marijuana variety for its effects process, it is slow at the beginning, but after you get a heavy buzz without comparison.

Y griega

9.- Ak -47() “Home resin”

This is the most elected variety between the Sativas by the cultivators who do not have big space at home. It is reduced, easy to manage and produces a good production.

Ak 47

10.- Delahaze()

This variety is really appreciated thanks of the given off smoke, with fruity features and a light mango drop. Thanks of its features is the winner of cannabis cups.