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Germinating Cannabis Seeds

The most effective way to germinate cannabis seeds is the method of
germination in the water with the peroxide.

Fill a glass with water by three quarters and ad one quarter of
peroxide. The function of peroxide is important, it disinfects.

Put the seeds from pack in the glass and remove the glass in a
cupboard or any other dark place.

Check it every 4-6 hours. It is important that seeds are didn’t drown.

All seeds will germinate after about 12-72 hours.

Then you can plant it in substrate.

If you have problems with germinating cannabis seeds contact with us
by e-mail [email protected]
We are always in connect with “seed banks”: and even if you have any
problems with bought seeds, it will be solve in a shortest time.

Green Parrot do not encourage anyone to break the law in their country
and we can’t be held responsible for the actions of persons who who
purchase, purchased or will purchase сannabis seeds online in our
store. That’s why so important to explore your local law situation and
understand which your action will be unlawful and which is within the
law. It is your responsibility to check with your local laws.Cannabis
seeds legality is very controversial topic due to the fact that
germinating cannabis seeds is still illegal in most counties.This is
complicated by a change regulation and implementation in this sphere
from country to country.