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Karma Genetics

As committed as always to our goal of offering the widest variety of seeds, the Green Parrot team presents the latest addition to our extensive catalog: Karma Genetics, the promise of old-school breeders. We now sell a selection of their best regular and feminized genetics so you can try the unique jewels created by this Dutch bank, one that’s not standing out for its great popularity but for its impeccable quality and integrity!

Karma Genetics is a seed bank with a relatively short but glorious journey if you do not consider that in fact, before its foundation in 2008, when Karma won the IC420 cup in Amsterdam, he was growing and very present in the Dutch cannabis scene since 1996. His popularity’s kept growing from that moment thanks to its totally handmade, ethical and unique way of working his genetics. Karma only uses original genetics and strains of its own creation for the development of new genetic lines, guaranteeing superior homogeneity, stability and quality. This seedbank operates with maximum respect for an already consolidated scene, producing only through non-mass processes, respecting the times that the strains need to be correctly developed and stabilized and maintaining a honest policy regarding the ancestry of their lines. The Green Parrot team is very pleased to include this bank of potent and high terpene profile varieties aimed at the most exquisite and capable growers.