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Orders FAQ

How to Make an Order?

To make an order all you need to do is make an account by registering on our website, which’ll take no more than a couple of minutes; all you’ll need to do is give us an email address and create a password for your account. This information can be modified at any time through the account settings. The account will allow you to access all the order information you need: the order status, accumulated discounts, and the previously received freebies, etc.

Now that you’ve set up your account you can start shopping, simply add any varieties you like the look of to your shopping cart and click “Checkout”. There is no minimum order quantity for online orders, whether it’s 1 seed or a 100, we’ll send them to you.

On the shopping cart page, you can find the list of the varieties you’ve selected with their prices and the quantity of packs, there will also be a list of seeds that you can receive as a gift (after selecting one, you can click on it to the link for the strain to read more about it, without losing what’s already in your shopping cart).
Once you’re happy with your order, click on “proceed to checkout” and fill in your address, filling in the contact information. After having filled out the address, choose your delivery option, then select the payment method that suits you and read the terms and conditions of the transaction. After accepting the terms and proceeding the order, you will be given and order number. This order number is the reference for the order and will be asked for with any inquiry you make about your order.

If for personal reasons you don’t wish to register on our website, you can simply contact us through email, Facebook or Instagram and our manager will be help proceed the order for you, providing you with the tracking number and arranging payments via the medium of contact. After processing and sending the order you will be provided with a tracking number, this number will allow you to follow your order to see where it is and how the delivery is going.

How do we pack the seeds?

At Green Parrot Seeds, we care about the safe arrival of your packages. All of the products are sent with care and love and are encased in a padded envelope with an order number and your address on it. For any specifications about how you’d like your order to be packed you can contact us via email or Facebook giving us your name and order number and we will happily meet your request. 

How to get discounts

Discounts at Green Parrot Seeds are not a rare sight. To all of our clients we offer an opportunity to get some quality strains from their favorite seedbanks for a reduced price with our “Bank of the month” deal. Meaning every single strain from the bank will have a reduced price. To find out which seedbank was selected this month, just scroll to the top of any page of the website where you’ll find the banner with the specific bank for the current month.

Keep your eyes peeled for our Hot Deals of the day. Every day you get a chance to get a major discount on exclusive selection of seeds from the best seeds banks on the market. The variety of selected seeds is constantly changing every 24 hours.

Don’t forget about our cart bonus: you get free seeds for every purchase you make online or directly at the store. The bigger your purchase the bigger your bonus. How does it work:


During the check-out process you'll be able to choose from a great variety of gift options that is constantly changing.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter for all the new discounts and offers, to help you satisfy all of your growing needs!


Shipping questions FAQ

Which Companies do we deliver with?

After proceeding to the checkout and having filled out the contact information, you will have a tab where you can choose your delivery option.
The options vary between Postal service and Express Delivery.

Postal service means the packages are delivered via the national Spanish postal service, which are marked and certified based on their content (t-shirt, stickers and souvenirs or documents), the prices vary based on where the package is being sent to for prices check (here), a tracking number will be provided to you via email the next day after the packages will be sent. The packages will be processed and sent during 2-3 business days from the day the order is made.

The other option is Express delivery, which means deliveries go via UPS or FEDEX depending on your place of residence. We fully recommend adding your phone number at the end of the order as to help the delivery services ring you in case of any problems. It is also important to remember to fill out the shipping info (address of delivery) correctly, once the order is sent it is impossible to make changes in it.

For maximum security of your package and a smooth delivery all the packages sent via Express service require signature upon delivery. 

Can I use fake data when making and order?

Here at Green Parrot Seeds we ensure you that all the information that enters our systems will not be shared with external sources and remains strictly for delivery purposes only. For this reason, we strongly advise to not use any kind of fake name or address because of the eventual risk of the package being delivered to the wrong place or person.

All the data entered onto the website will be used solemnly for orders.
Billing or sending information can be modified from account settings, any changes made post order will need to be made clear to the team of Green Parrot Seeds either by email, telephone or Facebook, information can be found (here). Note: any changes made may not be applicable as we tend to pack up all the orders and send them off in an efficient manner. For this reason, any requests for changes made should be communicated preferably by telephone during our opening hours (10am-8pm (gmt+1)) or by email directly as quickly after having done the order as possible, followed by the order number and your name.

If the information needs to be changed and the order has already been sent, or for whatever reason the package may be returned, we will get in touch with you.

Payments FAQ

How to pay the order

Here you’ll find the list of all the possible payment methods available on our website.

Bank Transfer: You can directly transfer us the money (this is advantageous for those who wish to not create a profile). You can find the necessary information on our Payments page, you will also be emailed the information once the order is proceeded.
When paying by transfer be sure to either insert a comment on the transfer itself indicating the order number or some type of reference, and/or email us with similar information; indicating name, order number and any other indication that’ll speed up the proceeding of the order and let us know the order’s been paid.

Attention: Bank transfers can take multiple days for the payment to go through, this will depend on multiple things; the country of origin from where the payment is coming, bank holidays and/or weekends. Transfers generally take from 1 to 5 days to come through fully. When the payment is received, your order will be processed, packed and sent off during 1-3 business days. You will be informed of the sending of your package by email, receiving a notification and a tracking number to follow its delivery process.

Visa/Mastercard: Simply fill out the card information and click on proceed to complete the order. We guarantee the information provided remains strictly for billing purposes and use only secure server software (SSL) used which is among some of the best software for secure commerce transaction available today.

Bitcoin: Bitcoins payments are available with Green Parrot Seeds. Any client purchasing with bitcoin will receive a 15% discount on the order.

Other possible Payment options are: SOFORTbanking, iDeal, Bancontact/Mister Cash, or Giro Pay.

For more information or on billing information or for the wire transfer details, please see “payment options”.

What to do after the payment of the order?

Once your order has been paid, to accelerate the packing and sending of your package, you can send us a message notifying us of the order. You can contact us via email at [email protected], on Facebook, Instagram or through a message directly on the web page.

After the payment was made, the order status will change from “confirmed” to “paid” at which point we will commence the preparation of the order. Once the package has been sent you will receive an automatic notification via email (or Facebook, Instagram – depending on the means of contact), with a tracking number (e.g.“123546” for normal delivery, “Z187546843V” for Express) and the link to the corresponding website for the delivery service used.

Are there any extra charges?

After making an order, having filled in the address information and selected a payment option, you will be brought to the final page where you have a clear overview of everything you have to pay: Summed amount for the seeds, transport selected and taxes.

The total sum is the sum that will be billed (extra charges from your bank or mode of payment are not included, banks can charge commissions depending on the circumstances).

If you have chosen to pay the order via bank transfer, please consider any potential commissions that could be taken from the transaction by your bank, if you are unaware of the possible fees, please consult your bank, note: most banks won’t have transaction fees, but without the entity of the payment we won’t be able to mark your order as paid and therefore can’t send it off until it is so.

Product FAQ

What are the best preservation methods for the seeds?

The seeds in our warehouse are kept in the best of conditions to guarantee and ensure the proper maintenance and freshness of the cannabis seeds. We recommend using similar methods to ours; stocking the seeds in covered recipients in a refrigerated area between 2 to 7 degrees. Keep out of sun and in a dry dark area.

How many female and male seeds can I expect to obtain from my pack of regular seeds? And Feminized?

Feminized seeds have been genetically prepared as to ensure the production and growth of female cannabis plants. Regular seeds on the other hand are natural cannabis seeds cultivated from a pollinated mother and will produce female and male plants.
If you wish to produce your own set of seeds, you will need female and male plants to be able to create a stable “mother plant”. If you are only looking for flower production feminized seeds will suffice (female plants need to be pollinated by a male to start producing seeds, an un-pollinated female will start flowering without producing seeds).

What’s difference between regular and feminized?

Feminized seeds will ONLY produce female plants, meaning you won’t need to kill or remove any male plants growing with your crops. Plus, unfertilized (un-pollinated) female cannabis plants can spend more of their energy producing THC rather than seeds. The only disadvantage of the feminized seeds is the potential drop in quality due to the fact that they’ve been genetically treated.

The Regular seeds, on the other hand, produce authentic high quality females, that come from male and female plants, and in the same natural order, will produce female and male seeds when pollinated.

What is the percentage of female plants found in regular and feminized packs of seeds?

In optimal conditions the regular seeds will provide a 50/50 balance of female and male plants, although most cultivators will suggest a 2:1 female/male ratio. In the case of feminized seeds, practically all banks will guarantee a 99% female plant success rate.

How to increase the probability of getting female plants?

Some factors can influence the production of male and female plants; for example, the conditions in which you’re growing the plants, the space and the available time.
During the first few weeks one can seek to obtain more female cannabis plants by providing the plants with higher concentrations of Nitrogen, higher levels of humidity and low temperatures and blue spectrum lighting.
For male plants we recommend a higher contribution of Potassium.

What’s the difference between auto-flowers and photoperiodic plants?

Auto-flowering varieties: The main feature about auto-flowers is that they start the flowering process (creation of buds) based on their genes and will do so independently of the light that they receive. (Meaning you can give your auto-flowers 18 hours of light a day the whole way through their life cycle).

On the contrary, photo-periodic plants will go from a vegetating cycle (where the plant grows and develops the branches and leaves) to the flowering cycle (the cycle where the plant will produce buds) based on the light scheduling you give it.
This means you will need to give your photo-periodic plant between 16 to 20 hours of light (and from 4 to 8 hours of darkness) a day during the vegetation cycle. When you want it to start producing buds you will need to change the light cycle to 12 hours of light, 12 hours of darkness.
Whereas with an auto-flowering variety the change in light cycles isn’t necessary.

Advantages and disadvantages of Auto-flowers:

The good thing about auto-flowering plants is that, they germinate quickly, they’re life cycle is very short meaning you can grow up to three auto-flowers a year. Because they’re genetics make them flower you can grow them any time of the year (providing it’s hot and they get enough sun), the auto-flowering plant will be a lot smaller and much more discrete and less of a hassle to look after.

However, the maximum yield of an auto-flowering strain will be considerably less than a photo-periodic strain.

Advantages and disadvantages of Photo-periodic strains:

The good thing about photo-periodic plants is that: They’re life span depends on the light it receives; which is great if you want to control the height of the plant (you can keep it for two weeks or 5 months in the vegetating cycle if you don’t change the light schedule, it’s totally up to you), the yield is considerably higher, can be cloned, can also be pollinated as to great more seeds.

However; the plants are much longer to grow (a natural outdoor cycle for a photo-periodic plant will be 2 months vegetating and 2 months flowering), the plants can be much bigger (and some strains are shown to keep growing even during the flowering period), photo-periodic strains will require more care and attention, and if growing indoors, will need to have a change of light as well as spectrum.

What are the potential risks of stressing a cannabis plant?

A stressed cannabis plant will grow slower, and will have a lower yield. The stress occurs when the plant is in bad growing conditions.

Factors that will stress the plant are:
- Lack or excess water
- Exposure to UV light
- The use of inappropriate nutrients (e.g. toxic ones)
- Exposure to acids
- Pests, fungi, insects and bacteria
- Extreme temperatures, (also regular temperatures changes e.g. moving a plant indoors to a warm temperature and then putting it back outside in the cold)
- Bad growing conditions
- Very low light intensity
- Cold weather

Stress can affect the harvest, production and health of the plant, as well as the outcome of the yield and its quality.
The main problem with stressed cannabis plants is the slow growth rate, the irregularity in flowering and the minimized production.

Stress can also have an impact of the sex of the plant, it happens that stress can turn the plant hermaphrodite which will damage the all-round quality of the flowers, if it produces them. If you want to have a bigger turn out of female plants, then you should avoid any kinds of stress.

Some cultivators apply certain stress methods known as LST or SCROG, these techniques are difficult to achieve and should be researched profusely before being applied. Cultivators do this to create more light reception points on the plant to be able to create a higher yield. The stress to a plant can also, depending on the strain, provoke certain changes in colors of the leaves and the buds.