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Top 10 Best Seed Banks 2017

The cannabis seed world is living a fresh spring: abundance is the word that describes the panorama right now! Seedbanks keep popping and so do many new strains and extraordinary new crossings, offering this incredibly large amount of options that you get almost lost in. We are reaching the zenith where the studies and treatments of medical marihuana use are spreading worldwide not only in common sense but also in governmental and political change in laws and regulations. The change is obviously going in the direction of decriminalization. It seems that this course is not going to stop, but to grow even more. This shall be the beginning of a mental change beyond average combined with laws changing worldwide up to the magical word of legalizing it someday...

Within this shiny journey of abundance, the Green Parrot Team offers you this article highlighting and introducing some of the best seedbanks of the universe and the most promising strains, so you don`t miss out any breathtaking news. We want to distinguish these seedbanks not only for their tremendous quality and experience that filled a lot of in- and outdoor fields with very satisfying results already, but also to point out some younger brands, where we predict a bride and prosperous future, you can already notice in social media.

Barney´s Farm - Potent and incomparable strains.


This brand with based in Amsterdam is one of our favorites in Green Parrot; their collection is so perfectly balanced between innovations and avant-garde, high quality and guarantee. Every year they surprise us with a new strain on the same level as all of their classics and old school genetics. This year it is the beautiful colored Ayahuasca Purple and the highly potent Bad Azz Kush and splendid hybrid of a Peyote Purple crossed with the more than sacred Cookies Kush: Peyote Cookies, a indica dominant compact easy to grow plant with an awesome tropical and coffe flavor. Their catalogue also consists out of highly THC loaded originals like Pineapple Chunk, LSD and Tangerine Dream. Always keeping their focus on the constant search finding and creating strains that are beyond the norm.

Fast Buds – The young promise of the autoflowers.

Fast Buds found their niche between the existing prestigious brands, thanks to the brilliant quality of their strains and the attractive offer in their rage of auto flowers. For example this is the case of their delicious Girl Scout Cookier, one of the most known strains, then there is Gorilla Glue Auto, one of the latest genetics with a really big impact worldwide caused by its high potency and strong indica effect and the taste. The Fast Buds catalogue is recomandated from the beginning till the last strain, if you are still not convinced by auto flower genetics, this is the invitation to let you get seduced by them.

Dinafem - An endless catalog of quality.


With more than 10 years of experience in the market, Dinafem is the first feminized bank in Spain, created in 2005. They have one of the most impressive catalogs that exist, with more than 70 feminized and auto flowering varieties among which are incomparable as Critical + 2.0, Critical Jack, OG Kush or Moby Dick, masterpieces in the world of marijuana. Its XXL Auto collection is indispensable, as Amnesia XXL Autoflowering and its new auto flowering varieties with CBD like the Haze Autoflowering CBD or Industrial Plant Autoflowering CBD. In addition, associates with Humboldt are bringing to the market some of the American genetics with more footprints like Blue, OG Kush or Amherst Sour Diesel.

Greenhouse + Strain Hunters = The genetic hunters.


Greenhouse is undoubtedly a leading company in cannabis seeds. Since they founded their company in 1985 they have expanded their legacy all over the planet, including these reference varieties for connoisseurs from all over the planet like the Arjan Haze or Super Lemon Haze, but also a philosophy. Strain Hunters, the project of Franco Loja and Arjan Roskam aiming to travel all over the world in search of native strains of the whole planet is a reference for all lovers of marijuana, for the values between which prevail the protection and preservation of the genetics of the entire planet. Do not miss Caboose, Money Maker or Damnesia.

Sweet Seeds – The sweetest varieties.


Sweet Seeds is one of the heaviest cannabis manufacturers that has been bringing its sweet and aromatic genetics to growers since 2005. This bank can boast a vast catalog full of fruit aromas and resinous specimens with a great diversity. The delicious Sweet Afghani Delicious, Green Poison, Jack 47 and Cream Caramel are essential! You will find a great variety of red / violet genetics among the high quality autoflowering like Bloody Skunk Auto, Red Poison Auto and Dark Devil Auto. They have recently added American genetics to their catalog such as Killer Kush and Sweet Trainwreck and medicinal varieties with high CBD as their Sweet Nurse Auto CBD.

Dutch Passion - from the early times, guaranteed quality.


Dutch Passion is undoubtedly one of the best seed banks in the world backed by many years of experience and work that have given the world some of the most cultivated varieties. Their philosophy is based on giving the customer everything possible so that he can grow his own cannabis quality and therefore keep in his catalog strains adapted to all needs and among them only those with better results among their own customers. This is how they have built an excellent cast and always in constant evolution, contributing each year only the best of their research department. Together with their classic Orange Bud, Frisian Dew or Blueberry, this year they have added some very special specimens like the Glueberry OG, a hybrid with the genes of some of the most demanded strains of the last year, Gorilla Glue, crossed with Blueberry and OG Kush . Do not miss out on their special camouflage varieties with mutation in the form of Frisian Duck and Auto Duck, their fruity varieties like Straberry Cough or their incredible Autos like Think Different and the new Auto CBD Compassion Lime.

DNA Genetics + Crockett Family Farms + Reserva Privada = The Cup Winners

What can we say about DNA genetics? Their genetics and innumerable awards they already received speak for themselves. If you want to cultivate genetics with a total guarantee of success, you only have to choose one of its many awarded genetics by High Times, you will find in its catalog effects, power levels and flavors for all tastes. From the delicious Chocolope, a short flowering sativa, to its fruity and popular Lemon Skunk or Tangie or the consecrated LA Confidential and Kandy Kush, in its catalog you will find reference names in the world of cannabis and strains that have been used for the creation of some of the current hybrids with greater punch.

Sensi Seeds – The Cannabis Dinosaurs.


Sensi Seeds is the reference company for many in the cannabis industry, for their 30 years of experience since they founded their company in 1985 in Amsterdam and its involvement in projects related to the plant such as the Hemp Museum or its use defense Medicinal and general regulation of marijuana. Its catalog of seeds includes the absolutely essential classics with a total guarantee of genetic purity and plant quality. What would become of us without your Skunk # 1, Northern Lights, Mexican Sativa or your Early Pearl? Their genetics have populated the entire land and have served as the basis for the creation of hundreds of hybrids, are simply a safe bet and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Mephisto Genetics - Autoflowering crafts.

This year we want to highlight this artisan auto flowering company for its great achievements based on dedication and good work. This young company of autoflowering has created genetics of a superior quality and is characterized to carry with great transparency the origin of all their genetics, you can follow all their canna-adventures in their web to verify the great work that they have been doing in the words of all the growers. We recommend especially their handmade line with masterpieces like the 3 Bears OG or the Sour Stomper. Its main line of products is Mephisto Originals, where its most consisted strains are the 24 Carat that has served to make many others in their catalog.

BC Bud Depot - American genetics in Canadian hands.

This Canadian bank created in the 1990s has expanded little by little since its birth to be today an important influence in the cannabis world. BC Bud Depot correlates to American genetics and hybrids of great vigor and potency. In their catalog you'll find some of the West Coast's most in demand genetics such as Girl Scout Cookies and Animal Cookies as well as Canadian varieties like God Bud. Be sure to try some of your OG hybrids like Fire OG Bx3 or Chem Fire and enjoy the flavors and the power on the other side of the Atlantic in the form of regular or feminized seeds.